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AR&Co is the Asia’s largest, award winning Augmented Reality & innovative technology based company. Since 2009, AR&Co has delivered hundreds of projects across Asia & Europe. Clients include the biggest brands in the global market such as Cartoon Network, Disney, Unilever, Samsung, and many others.Being the pioneer that brought the technology into the region, our goal is to deliver the most impactful, memorable experiences in daily life by merging both virtual and real worlds. By having patented technologies and innovations covering augmented reality engine and its entire integrated enhancements, AR&Co offers a wide range of solutions functioning as a whole new digital ecosystem customized to suit client’s needs.

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November 2014

WIR Group, with one of the units AR&Co, has been invited to share knowledge on November 1st 2014...

October 2014

VP of Technology - Senja Lazuardy presented Augmented Reality seminar in CEAFO (Computer Engineering All for One) by Bina Nusantara University.

October 2014

AR&Co, in collaboration with the Royal Bank of Canada, has conducted a roadshow entitled "Are You Ready For The Next Reality?"...

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