AR&Co, The S.E Asia’s Leading Augmented Reality & Innovative Technology based Company.

Since 2009, AR&Co has delivered hundreds of projects across Asia, Europe & Africa, including Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Vietnam, Brunei, Spain, Germany & Nigeria. Our goal is to deliver the most impactful, memorable experiences by merging both virtual and real worlds.

Having patented technologies and innovations covering Augmented Reality platform and its entire integrated enhancements serving as a whole new ecosystem

We keep challenging ourselves to explore the possible future technology ranging from experiential ones like AR Glasses, Motion Sensors to Neuro-detection apps and other innovative technologies that can complement each other thus establishing a complete solution.

Our Experiences


From On-stage presentations to event activations using various technologies


Bring ‘the magic’ anytime, anywhere using Mobile devices or AR Glasses. Explore the World with new dimension


We are developing a full integrated technology solution for theme park, museum or attractions.

AR&Co. Joined WIR Group To Showcase Technologies At The World Economic Forum 2019 : WIR Distributes Thousands Of Virtual Coins At World Economic Forum 2019 In Davos

AR&Co. Introduced Its New Geo-Location AR Game, MINAR At DISTRUPTO (November 2018)