December 2018


MINAR today announced it has entered into partnership with Asia’s most influential blockchain enabler, Infinity Blockchain Ventures (IBV), by signing a Partnership Certificate to signify and recognize that both companies agreed to establish a close relationship and collaboration to develop and deploy the next phase of MINAR mobile application features.

This partnership will help bring MINAR in position to boost its mobile application development in creating MINAR to be the first Indonesian-made mobile gaming online platform that offers blockchain technology as part of its features and offerings.

MINAR mobile application is developed by AR&CO, one of Indonesian leading Augmented Reality developer, and known in the industry for such products as Augmented Reality based mobile application. “We are very excited to work with Infinity Blockchain Ventures, said Mario Khoe, Managing Director of MINAR. “Teaming up with IBV will enable us to tap in their technology and facilities that can further boost MINAR’s potential to be something more than just a gaming app and set MINAR’s direction into a new breed of mobile application that disrupts the gaming industry globally.” MINAR aims to achieve 100.000 downloaders in 2019.

This partnership reflects both companies desire to collaborate with companies that share their vision of creating a disruptive technology that changes people’s perception on an online earning platform. MINAR is a breakthrough technology because it will disrupt the people’s online earning experience by allowing it to be an alternative source of income through an Augmented Reality gaming application. “This partnership is also ideal as it allows IBV to penetrate into Indonesian market and utilizes MINAR as a platform to communicate its product and services in deploying the future-proof technology of blockchain.” Said Nicole Nguyen, Head of Asia Pacific, Infinity Blockchain Ventures.

MINAR is free to play, with loads of fun things to do and treasures to discover. Available now for download on Google Play.. Available now for download on Google Play.

November 2018


On 7th – 8th November 2018, AR&Co was invited by UBS to join Fixed Income Leaders Summit 2018, the largest buy side led gathering in Europe, where the top minds in the industry meet to plan for 2019 and beyond.

We are happy to announce that together with UBS’s Electronic Trading method, AR&Co was succeed to showcased the Neuro-Race Cars, an innovative Mind-Controlled RC Cars. The user will need to focusing or relaxing their brain to make the car move. The device is basically detecting the brainwave to fill the battery so the car will be accelerated by our own mind.

We are very please to join the Event and will not missing chance to join them again next year.

September 2018


AR&Co has supported Central Dept. Store Indonesia with exciting Interactive Augmented Reality game, using motion sensor for their Anniversary event. The customers can play the game and take photos as if they are in Thailand Tourist Destination. Moreover, they can also warn Millions prizes.

August 2018


Video may be considered the number one content consumption right now. As stated in HubSpot’s State of Inbound 2017 report, YouTube and Facebook videos are the most popular distribution channel.  We are overwhelmed by the category variety and billions of titles.

And then, what else? Are there any new and innovating ways to keep consumers engaged? How to make the consumers can experience with the products or brands even without “interacting”, physically.

The trend we are seeing more and more is the Augmented Reality (AR), as the Pokemon Go’s hype on 2016. People are more familiar with the AR Technology, AR now almost become everyday consumption. But what else we can do with AR Technology rather than gamification? What can we implement into how we market products or brands?

The use of AR Technology, especially on mobile devices provides an engaging way for marketers to reach their consumers, and It’s very interactive.

Mark Zuckerberg stated, “The phone is probably going to be the mainstream consumer platform [where] a lot of these AR features become mainstream, rather than a glasses form factor that people will wear on their face”. source: TechCrunch

What is the realization? How can we use AR not only for gimmickry? For example, AR on Pokemon Go is just an additional feature, the users can still play the game even without using the AR, but it created hype when they first announced that they can interact with the Pokemon “as if” they are with us in the real worlds.

As Marketing Tool, Balvia Property, Malaysia

Together with Balvia Property, Malaysia, we created a marketing tool that can be shown to the client just by using a single image and an app. The challenge they were facing to provide a clearer product knowledge and experience, The marketing team needs to have a tool that will allow them to show the unit models in different angles anytime, anywhere. Giving them the flexibility to introduce the unit without the need to visit their marketing office / show units every time.

The apps will show an augmented reality experience where there will be a 3D model of the house popping up on top of their brochures or even print ad. Not only that, a new module has been developed to accommodate the need for people to enjoy the interior of the house. Responding to this matter, the user simply taps the screen on top of the 3D house model, and it will instantly bring you to go inside the house, making your device as your ‘eyes’ to see the interiors all around 360 degrees including the different floors and rooms.

The Future of AR

The projection for AR revenue by 2020 is outweighed VR already as shown in the table below:

The forecast for AR revenue is increasing year by year, and it shows really big potential for travel, retail, games, real estate, and entertainment industry. So what project you are expecting next by using AR Technology?

August 2018



Looking at such a strong user participations towards the ‘Dunia Main Tini Wini Biti’ Augmented Reality coins application since 2017 and how it helps increasing brand awareness and loyalty, Tini Wini Biti (Konimex Group) has decided to improve the application and add new series of coins based on their new brand ambassadors – Naura and Neona. There are in total of 8 new coins consisting of 4 Naura coins and 4 Neona coins. During the launching event, Tini Wini Biti also invited fans and customers to enjoy the performance by both Naura and Neona.

Now, get all coins by buying Tini Wini Biti biscuit to experience the power of Naura and Neona.

Dunia Main Tini Wini Biti is now available for download at Google Playstore.