March 2018


WIR group Overseas Business Development Director Yasha Chatab was in Malta in early March to deliver a keynote speech in “Mediterranean BLUE”, a Mediterranean Tourism Foundation annual forum. In the speech, Yasha talks about Destination Branding and how destinations must think about the now and the future, even though they are rich in historical content and artifacts. Today’s game is about relevance and context, and whatever we do must have them.

Other keynote speeches were done by top industry experts from the Mediterranean, as well as an exciting highlight that came from the King of the Ashante kingdom in Ghana.

In the same event, Yasha also delivered a presentation in the Technology in Hospitality masterclass, in which he spoke about the use of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and mixed reality in the industry.

March 2018


As one of the oldest stationary manufactures in the world, Faber-Castell has developed a fantastic painting techniques that allows children to drive their creativity and explore new ideas. However, looking at today’s increasingly digital-savvy growing children, Faber-Castell Indonesia collaborated with AR&Co. developed an Augmented Reality based application named “Colour to Life”, to bring colouring into a next level experience for the children. Colour to Life is packed with a set of colouring book, consist of 5 different characters in 15 pages and Faber-Castell Connector Pens. Through this product, children is driven to increase their creativity by colouring each character based on their liking and by scanning the paper, they can make the characters come to life based on the colours they have coloured. Children can also play games based on the character they have scanned and interact with the characters in many different ways.

Faber-Castell also believed that through this application, children could gain some benefits such as : increase children’s brain and hand coordination, increase children’s concentration rate, stimulate children’s responsiveness, balance children’s right and left brain, train memory and increase the speed of thinking.

Although this is the first time for Faber-Castell to launch an application for their product, the results speak for themselves. Soft launched in the beginning of March 2018, their product sold out just in 2 hours.

Available in Google Play Store and Apple Store.

March 2018


In the beginning of February, HiLo School, the best high-calcium low fat milk, held a press conference to officially open the HiLo School Drawing Competition 2018 series, a drawing and coloring competition and for the Elementary School level throughout Indonesia. In this 6th year of the competition, HiLo yet again collaborated with AR&Co. – 3rd year of collaboration, in developing HiLo School Draw & Play 2, an advanced gaming apps that utilize Augmented Reality technology that can transform the drawing and coloring of HiLo School Drawing Competition into 3D animations that can move and comes with educative games as well as spur kids on physical activity. In this app, children can also collect Augmented Reality HiLo School cards containing nutrition educational content that can add to the excitement of the HiLo School Draw & Play 2 game. The concept of the application is in line with HiLo School’s mission, which is for Indonesian children to have a healthy and growing lifestyle up, not to the side.

During the conference, Dr Cindiawaty J. Pudjiadi MARS, MS, SpGK – Clinical Nutrition Specialist, also explained, “The development of gadgets and digital technology today usually makes children more passive physical activity, so it is here that the important role of parents and the environment to start to build an active and healthy lifestyle of children from an early age.”
Available in Google Play Store.

March 2018


As a creative technology company, SlingShot keeps on offering new creative and innovative solutions to fulfill business needs. The latest one, namely, SAM.D (Sales Activity Monitoring Dashboard) SAM.D has been launched as the new solution to monitor sales activities in a real time basis thus increasing business performance, improving internal performance management, internal communication/engagement channel, as well as to provide better rewards system towards the employees.

By further integrating this dashboard with AR/VR technologies, it will also open new opportunities as a marketing tool most relevant to the new audiences making the company using the system to go ahead of the competition. For more information, please contact:

Nov 2017

Slingshot at the 2017 PDMA Annual Conference, Chicago

Chicago, IL | 11- 15 November 2017

Being the Gold winner of OCI (Outstanding Corporate Innovator) Indonesia, SLINGSHOT was invited to showcase their profile at the PDMA Annual Conference 2017 in Chicago, IL. As quoted from its website, this Annual Conference is the #1 global conference on end-to-end product development and innovation management. The conference delivers a mix of keynotes, workshops, TED-style talks, presentations from Outstanding Corporate Innovators (OCI) Award winners and career-enhancing networking. PDMA’s Competitive Edge Conference provides audiences with PDMA’s vast body of knowledge that has direct application to various roles in product development and innovation within a company.

The Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) itself is a community of more than 2,000 members whose skills, expertise and experience power the most recognized and respected innovative companies in the world. Its members include product development and management practitioners, academics and service providers in a variety of industries and knowledge areas, including new product process, strategy innovation, market research, tools & metrics, organizational issues and portfolio management. Since 1976, PDMA ( is the only organization that focuses on the unique set of integrated activities involved in the full lifecycle of product development and management, including innovation. PDMA also distributes the annual Outstanding Corporate Innovator Award, the only innovation award which recognized sustained (five or more years) qualifiable business results from new products and services

During the conference, Mr Allan Anderson being the Chairman of PDMA presented SLINGSHOT including the product innovation process used to produce various Augmented Reality based applications with high relevance to the market today.

For more information on PDMA visit:
and its 2017 Annual Conference website at