Desember 2016

​ASTARK together with AR&CO launches the first Augmented Reality Football Trading Card Game in Indonesia

On the 2nd to the 4th of December 2016, ASTARK in partnership with AR&Co held a launching event for ASTARK: FOOTBALL, the first online football mobile gaming app with Augmented Reality trading cards in Indonesia. ASTARK is a local start-up founded by Arthur Irawan, a young professional footballer from Indonesia who has played in several football clubs around the world such as Manchester United, Spain’s Espanyol B and Waasland-Beveren of Belgium.

ASTARK: FOOTBALL has released its first series, INDONESIAN ALL STARS, featuring 30 of ‘the best football players and coaches in Indonesia’ including Bambang Pamungkas, Raphael Maitimo, Achmad Jufriyanto and Johan Alfarizi. The aim of the game is to collect as many ASTARK cards as possible to recruit, train and manage your own dream team of the best Indonesian football players to compete against other Users’ virtual teams. With this Augmented Reality trading card game, ASTARK and AR&Co hopes to elevate the awareness and image of local football icons in Indonesia who are often overshadowed by the publicity of international football celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

A three-day exhibition was held in the Main Atrium of Senayan City where passersby get a chance to create their own limited edition custom-made ASTARK: FOOTBALL card, making them an addition to the INDONESIAN ALL STARS club. Football fans also received the opportunity to meet and greet with some of their favorite ASTARK players in person.

The last day marked the official launch of ASTARK: FOOTBALL, when both media groups and football enthusiasts gathered as Peter Shearer, being co-founder of AR Group, and Arthur Irawan gave introductory statements about the product, as well as Bambang Pamungkas who gave his verbal appreciation and support towards the ASTARK: FOOTBALL brand as being a channel for Indonesian football fans to connect, get to know, and build emotional bonds with their national football heroes.

November 2016

​Voice of America broadcasts AR&Co to be a Big Player and Game Changer in the AR World


AR Group recently welcomed to meet with the crew of The Voice of America at both our HQ in Indonesia as well as the AR Group office in Silicon Valley. The Voice of America (VOA) is a dynamic international multimedia broadcaster with service in more than 40 languages, providing news to now a weekly global audience of 187.7 million since it started in 1942. After conversations with the AR Group team during interviews as well as experiencing first-hand some of the AR projects that have been developed, VOA acknowledges that AR technology can be utilized for numerous functions in diverse range of industries such as for gaming, promoting brands, learning, interactions even as far as for Presidential campaigns.

Backed by projections from Digi-Capital that Asia will lead the AR market in year 2020, VOA gives the statement that Indonesian-based AR&Co is set to be a big player and ready to be a game changer in the AR World. Not only that, VOA also mentions Digi-Capital’s projection that the AR industry will be worth 90 billion dollars in 2020, four times more than the projected value of Virtual Reality.

October 2016

​The launch of Slingshot (previously known as AR Group) at the Indonesian Stock Exchange, Jakarta


Slingshot (previously known as AR Group) was proudly launched to the public on Friday morning on the floor of the main hall of the Indonesia Stock Exchange. Daniel Surya, CEO of Slingshot was given the honor to ring the opening bell of the stock market, and the event marked the unveiling of the group that specializes in Augmented Reality technology.

The event was attended by journalists, business partners, and other key stakeholders. In this opportunity, Slingshot’s 3 business units were introduced to the public: AR&Co, DAV, and MindStores. The 3 units are leaders and pioneers in their own specific offerings, and received lots of attention and coverage from the media. In this opportunity, the audience also got a teaser of a new technology currently under development by Slingshot which involves the human-eye retina.

July 2016


このほど米国シリコンバレーで開催されたAR(拡張現実)の祭典「Augmented World Expo」(AWE)で、インドネシアの会社が先進国のライバルたちを差し置いて賞を獲得した。

インドネシアのAR & Coは、そのAR技術を駆使したモバイルアプリ「Flying Farm」で、ベトナムのとあるミルクブランドの売り上げを19%も上昇させた。その実績により、AWEにおけるベスト・キャンペーン部門を受賞したのである。

「Flying Farm」
ベトナムのミルク「Dutch Lady」が展開したモバイルアプリ「Flying Farm」(ソース:Youtube


さらに、それに先立つ2013年には、英国の経済誌The New Economyが定期的に選出する革新的企業40社(i40)のリストに初の東南アジア企業として堂々と入っている。

Auggie Awardのトロフィー
Augmented World Expo 2016/Auggie Awardのトロフィー


AR & Coはインドネシアで初めてAR事業を展開した会社で、ジャカルタにて2009年に設立。現在はアジア最大のAR技術企業として、インドネシア国内はもちろん、シリコンバレー、バルセロナ、シンガポールにもオフィスを構え、世界17カ国ものプロジェクトを手がけている。

AR & CoのホールディングカンパニーであるWIRのチーフ・ビジネス・デベロップメント・オフィサーのピーター・シアラーさんは、「インドネシアの我々が世界で勝負できる秘密は、欧米に引けをとらない品質を低予算で実現できることだろう」と語っている。

このWIRが、AR & Co以外にも次々とテクノロジ、主にARをベースにしたスタートアップを生み出している。WIRは同じ志を持った6人の若者が集まって作った会社で、社名は「We Indonesia Rocks/Rules」の略。世界を舞台に活躍するインドネシア人の誇りを表現している。











このような野心的な若い人材の斬新なアイデアと積極性が、インドネシアのAR業界を支えている。 現在ではたくさんの競合が生まれてきているが、この状況についてピーターさんは、「インドネシアにおけるARのエコシステムが育ってきている。我々も、月に最低2回はセミナーを開いて人材を育成している。DAVのコンテンツだって、誰が作ってもいいわけだ」と好意的に受け止めている。


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June 2016

​Two years in a row, AR&Co Awarded for Best Campaign at AWE 2015 & 2016, Silicon Valley (USA)

AR&Co, one of the Wold’s leading & Asia’s largest Augmented Reality and Innovative Technology company once again proudly brings Indonesia’s creative industry into global market and recognition. On the 1st of June 2016, AR&Co was publicly awarded Best Campaign for its ‘Dutch Lady Flying Farm’ mobile application during the seventh and biggest Augmented World Expo (AWE). Held in Santa Clara California, otherwise known as Silicon Valley USA, AWE is the largest event dedicated to AR, VR and Wearable Technology, gathering together over 4,000 attendees and 200 speakers from all over the world. Participating companies for this year’s AWE include DAQRI, Google, Epson, Intel, Meta, 20th Century Fox, BOSCH, and many others.

This year, 180 submissions were seen across the Auggie Awards categories. The nominees with the highest public votes in each category were selected as finalists. Following on from last year’s participation in AWE as AR&Co took home the Auggie Award for Best Campaign 2015 with the ‘Next for Nigeria’ mobile application, this year AR&Co submitted and showcased three projects as Auggie Award nominations within the different award categories. Each AR&Co nomination received public voting and achieved finalist positions in each of their respective categories. The ‘Hilo School AR Coloring’ app achieved Auggie Award 2016 finalist in both the category of Best App sponsored by ODG and also in the category of Best Campaign sponsored by Bosch & Re’flekt. AR&Co’s ‘Become a Butterfly AR T-Shirt’ project achieved the position of Auggie Award 2016 finalist in the category of Best Art of Film sponsored by the CFC.

The Dutch Lady “Nông Trại Bay” or Flying Farm app is an augmented reality mobile-based application developed by AR&Co for Dutch Lady being the FrieslandCampina Group’s well-known milk brand. Together with Leo Burnett Vietnam, AR&Co launched this special app to support Dutch Lady’s campaign. Through the app, Dutch Lady Vietnam customers can have a unique Augmented Reality experience being introduced to the cute new Dutch Lady mascots, Matt and Bella, along with their entire digital Holland farm.

The FrieslandCampina Group wanted to try a fresh approach to reaching young children and their moms in an exciting and interactive way, increasing emotional attachment towards the characters and in the end, the brand. This app is instinctively easy to use and has caught the amazement of both children and adults alike. The interactive method of storytelling combined with creative use of campaign gimmicks helped boosting product sales and creating emotional attachments, thus achieving the objectives for both brand building and marketing. Within such a short time period after it was launched, the app has achieved over 40,000 downloads as well as a reported 19% increase in product sales.